Upcoming Events

Fall of 2015 through Spring of 2016 will be a very busy time for Georgia Right to Life - which means plenty of opportunities for you to get involved helping to create a culture of life in Georgia. Below is a list of upcoming events that we will be updating regularly. For more information on how you can get involved, contact us at stateoffice@grtl.org or 770-339-6880!

Call for Planned Parenthood Investigation

Contact: Genevieve Wilson, Georgia Right to Life, (770) 339-6880

NORCROSS, GA, July 16, 2015—Georgia Right to Life (GRTL) President Dan Becker today praised Governor Nathan Deal who has called for an investigation into allegations that Planned Parenthood routinely sells aborted baby body parts.

How to Define “Pro-Choice”

By Dr. Douglas Young, University of North Georgia-Gainesville political science professor

The defining feature of a free society is every individual enjoying the freedom to make choices, good and bad, within the law. Enjoying the liberty to make your own choices is highly valued. So political groups market themselves as supporting Americans’ autonomy of choice.

Biblical Case for Changing Unjust Laws—Justly

Would you vote for a law where a 20 week fetus is given an anesthetic and then “humanely” aborted? The Montana legislature passed such a bill and is waiting on the governor's signature. This bill is “unjust” and displeases the Lord who will hold accountable a nation who despises His ways.

10 Things I Need To Tell You Before Your Abortion

To my best friend;

We’ve been friends for years. Through breakups, through laughter, through tears, through margarita Tuesdays and hangover Wednesdays. We’ve laughed so hard at inside jokes that we’ve both been laying on the kitchen floor and getting weird looks from the rest of our friends.