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Georgia Right to Life Calls for GOP Courage

Contact: Genevieve Wilson (770-339-6880)

NORCROSS, GA January 15, 2015—Georgia Right to Life (GRTL) Executive Director Genevieve Wilson today called on all Georgia’s Republican Congressmen to act like the majority and reject efforts to pass a watered-down, symbolic abortion bill now before Congress.

Georgia to Face Doctor-Prescribed Suicide

Contact: Bethany Walker
(770) 339-6880

NORCROSS, GA, December 10, 2014—Georgia Right to Life (GRTL) Director of Bioethics, Bethany Walker, said today she is deeply concerned about a push to adopt a doctor-prescribed suicide law in Georgia.

“Georgia is overwhelmingly pro-life,” Walker said. “And that support includes protecting the elderly, disabled and terminally ill, as well as pre-born children.

Believing Comes By Hearing

Lincoln Brandenburg shows the Pillars of Personhood diaplsy at Georgia Regents UniversityAs Christians and pro-lifers, we possess valuable, powerful, life-saving knowledge. And I was struck last week with the responsibility we have as stewards of truth in a dark, broken world.

You Cannot Be Pro-Abortion And A Feminist

Sometimes I feel like I am in a time machine, and that I have gone far back into time. Back before pre-packaged cheeseburgers and air conditioning—into the Dark Ages. It is impossible to turn on a television, particularly to a news channel, and not hear about a woman’s reproductive system. Literally, the entire 2012 election boiled down to a uterus. The liberal left calls it a “war on women.” And yes, I agree there is a war on women.